On Bust of General Omar Bradley - “A special quality about Bradley observed by the sculptor was his ability to project a warm feeling to others.” - Purple Heart Associationi

Nicolaus Koni

(1911 - 2000)


Born in Transylvania, Sir Nicolaus Koni, long time Long Island and Palm Beach resident was a true statesman of art, and his art lives through his many creations on display in private and public collections throughout the world. The Koni Cultural & Arts Foundation has been established to perpetuate the memory, works and teachings of Nicolaus Koni.

World renowned as a master sculptor in bronze, marble, wood, jade, coral, gold, silver, copper, terra cotta, granite and crystal alabaster, Nicolaus Koni is also famed for his watercolors and oils. In 1977 he introduced his challenging new modern art form: Konilite, a technique which uses crystal man-made transparent materials imported from the Orient to create multi-dimensional color synchrony in conjunction with light reflecting effects. Koni at the young age of 12, was recognized as a master artist, but international recognition came at age 24 with the sculpture of Polish patriot Pilsudski.

Other noted works include busts and wood carvings of opera singer Marian Anderson, Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, General Omar Bradley, President Franklin D Roosevelt and Princess Nathalie Paley to name a few. His works appear in collections housed in The Metropolitan Opera House-Lincoln Center, New York University, The Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Galeri Moderne - Paris, New Vienna Conservatory and Lafayette Gallery in Bucharest to name a few.

Famed works include over 1600 pieces including, "The Day""The Night," "The Morning," "The Bull," "Messenger of Peace," "Birth of Eve" and "La Femme Solitaire". To quote The New York Times on his show at Milch Galleries, "Koni demonstrates amazing technical mastery. Koni works combine the technical with the sensitive."

The Koni Cultural Arts Center and The Koni Foundation has been created as a permanent memorial to Sir Nicolaus Koni and his works. The foundation promotes the arts through Koni art, and creates programs to include scholarships which foster artistic understanding and educational programs for young artist and collectors. Other activities include the creation of a traveling exhibit for museums and educational institutions, and an interactive web gallery. The Koni Cultural Arts Center and The Koni Foundation was created by Koni, prior to his passing, and is spearheaded by Howard Siegel, Executive Board President.

The organization is interested in speaking with Koni collectors and those who knew Koni as part of their living history research phase. According to its Executive Director, Steve Kaplansky, "We are entering a very exciting phase and have interviewed many who will become a permanent part of Koni history. We want to include many more art collectors, and museums in preparation for the 100th Birthday of Nicolaus Koni in 2011."


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