“Koni maintains an aloofness and objectivity towards his pieces, concentrated on his amazing technical mastery” - The New York Times
About Us

The Koni Cultural Arts Center and The Koni FoundationDescription

The Koni Cultural & Arts Center and The Koni Foundation was established at the bequest of Sir Nicolaus Koni and serves to create a permanent memorial to foster the advancement of art theories through increased awareness of the Nicolaus Koni artistic methods and artistic creations. By advancing the Koni name and likeness the Foundation hopes to underscore his artistic perspective insightful in his artistic creations worldwide.

Nicholaus Koni served to encourage and inspire young people to participate in the Arts. Through the Nicholas Koni name and likeness The Koni Foundation will foster and promote the love and understanding of the arts through the philosophy and lifelong achievements of Sir Nicolaus Koni.

The Koni Foundation maintains the physical artwork, correspondence, letters, manuscripts, photographs and a comprehensive record of Nicolaus Koni’s works and career.

The Nicholaus Koni Foundation operates exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. The Foundation goals are to document and share the historic life and works of Sir Nicholaus Koni and will accomplish its goals by way of permanent, traveling and on-loan exhibits, seminars and by providing online educational tools to educational and art institutions. The Koni Foundation will also participate in the establishment of a Cultural Center in Transylvania for exhibition and study purposes and to memorialize the “Kohn” family lost in the Holocaust.


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